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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How long does it usually take to get approved? And what is needed to Apply?

A - A typical application will be approved within a few hours. All that is needed to apply is a completed and signed application, valid drivers license, and a voided check or bank verification letter. In most cases, you will be processing credit cards within 48 hours of submitting the application!!

Q - How do I know if you can actually save me money?

A - Great Question. Best way to find out is to email your most recent processing statement and allow us to do a free side by side analysis and show you the savings on paper. Email Here.

Q - How does the terminal setup work?

A - Our terminals work three ways. WiFi connection, Ethernet, or Phone Line. If your business requires a virtual gateway, that will be set up for you as well. All equipment comes completely configured ready for use.

Q - Is it legal to offer a cash discount?

A - In May 2011, the spokesman for the FTC, Mitchell Katz was quoted saying "The Dodd-Frank Law prohibits a card company such as Visa from inhibiting the ability to provide a discount for payment by cash and checks"

Q - What about if I try cash discount and after a month its just not for me?

A - If in any case that cash discount just isn't a perfect fit for your business no worries, we have the ability to switch you back to a traditional method of processing and at a lower cost than you were getting of course!!!

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