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Cash Discount Merchant Account

Why Should You Consider a Cash Discount Merchant Account?

Consumers are looking for ways to save money. They hate when they have to pay more for a service because retailers have to increase their rates to compensate for increasing merchant service fees. When you utilize a cash discount merchant account, you could offer a new service to your customers where they are able to reduce their costs by benefiting from a discount for using cash or checks to make their purchase.

At Rapid Pay Merchant Services in Smithtown, NY, we offer our clients a cash discount merchant account. This means you can use this account to eliminate all or most of your processing fees and give something back to your customers along the way. There is no need to worry about fees either since there are no interchange fees, no transaction fees, and no batch fees to worry about. Our team works hard to ensure your account is exactly what you need at the right price point.

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